Aikuiskasvatuksen Kilta ry in English

Aikuiskasvatuksen Kilta ry aka AKK is an organization for everyone interested in adult education and educational sciences. AKK is based in University of Helsinki, but anyone is welcome to join the organization if you share the interest in education – whether you are a student studying educational sciences or even in Helsinki or not.

Our mission is to make general and adult education sciences better known to the public. We make collaborations with organizations, take stands on topical issues and take part in public discussions.

We offer experiences and ”sneak peaks” to the work life by organizing excursions to different kind of organizations with employment possibilities for adult educators. And we can assure you there’s a lot of them from HR to IT, even the game industry needs some pedagogy professionals!

To keep things from not getting too working oriented we organize some spare time activities and parties for students, but most importantly, we offer room for new friendships, networking possibilities and peer support for anyone wondering what their future career might be.

You are warmly welcome to join AKK’s activities! While our main language is Finnish we’ll make our best to make sure anyone speaking English can participate in our events. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message us via our social media channels or send us email.

Where to find us:

Facebook: Aikuiskasvatuksen Kilta ry
Instagram: @aikuiskasvatuksenkilta
LinkedIn: Aikuiskasvatuksen Kilta ry


Board Members of 2023

Meri Manninen, chairperson
Rita Kolehmainen, vice chairperson
Laura Vehmaa, secretary
Elisa Granholm, treasurer

Board members:
Nea Karvetti
Mirja Koski
Liida-Sofia Kuronen
Roosa Lindgrén
Anissa Mouhou
Elias Mäntynen
Saara Salmimies
Elina Vilkuna